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3D Printed Parts

The 3D Printed Parts are produced by Shapeways and Purchased from Shapeways, the product images shown can be used to link the products on the Shapeways Site. 

4mm YF27 Bogie ..
Buffer Stop
4mm Station Buffer Stop ..
Main Drive Bogie for Harsco Rail Grinder Kit. ..
Drive Bottom Pivot
4mm YF27 Drive Bogie Lower Pivot. ..
Drive Top Pivot2
4mm YF27 Bogie Upper Pivot. ..
ETH Connectors
Six 4mm Electric Train Heat Connectors. ..
Class 66 Euro Cargo Valance Plough Two Required. ..
4mm Network Rail Inspection Carriage 999508
4mm Etched Brass Kit for Network Rail Inspection Carriage 999508 Full diagrammatic build instructions are supplied with the kit. As Built buy George Dent in issue 227 of Modelrail Magazine, the extra parts needed are: 1, Bachmann B4 Bogies 2, Cast White Metal buffers, air brake distribut..