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Scenic Parts

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7mm 3 Point Security Fence
3 Point Security Fence, Four 180mm lengths + single Gate and Large Double Gates ..

Price: £28.22
P&P: £8.80
7mm Rail Built Buffer Stop
Rail Built Buffer Stop as used throughout the UK sometimes mounted directly to the Running Rails, Usually mounted outside of the Running Rails. Sutable for 7mm ..

Price: £17.50
P&P: £4.00
7mm Plate Steel Type Buffer Stop
Plate Steel Type Buffer Stop 7mm Etched Plate Buffer Stop O Gauge, Kit. ..

Price: £20.00
P&P: £4.50
7mm Working Manual Point Lever
Working Manual Point Lever Constructed from Etched Nickel Silver, Supplied with two types of Lever Arms, extra bell cranks and mounting plate to operate points/signals remotely. Supplied with assembly instructions. ..

Price: £8.50
P&P: £3.75
7mm Gas Street Lamps
Etched Gas Street lamps ..

Price: £18.00
P&P: £4.50
7mm Street Light Head Covers
Street Light Head Covers ..

Price: £8.50
P&P: £4.25